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Get some self-love with heart cupping

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

With Valentine’s day coming, prince charming or not I think everyone deserves a bit of self-love.

This is why my mission this year is to spread the « treat yourself » mojo through the art of cupping.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a therapy in which vacuumed cups are placed onto the body for treatment purposes.

Indeed I use very special cups which are heart shaped. This brings an immediate smile on people’s face and fills their back with love (no wonder even Katie Perry got addicted).

The benefits of cupping are numerous!

What are the benefits of cupping? Cupping has different benefits such as: ✖️improving blood circulation ✖️releasing muscle tension ✖️loosening adhesions ✖️activating lymphatic system ✖️removing toxins

Is Cupping painful? Cupping shouldn’t be painful. The first applied cup might surprise you or you might feel some tightness from the suction. But you should experience quick relaxing and calming effect.

What are the marks left on the skin? Cupping can cause some discoloration which is normal. The marks left are due to the suction which draws up the blood vessels on to the surface of the skin as they are expanded.

How long do the marks stay on the skin? Depending on the discoloration the marks can last for up to a week. This is different for each individual.



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