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Sports Massage


Sports Massage at My Osteo London

who is sports massage for?

Wether you are regularly sporty or preparing a professional competition, Sports Massage is for you.

Sports Massage can help your body to recover quicker, reduce the risk of sports injury and enable you to exercise pain-free.

Regular massages can be part of your sporty lifestyle and training.

At My Osteo London, we treat from amateur level to elite athlete and provide sports massage for everyone from tennis players, footballers, runners, hockey players, golfers, polo players, dancers, to yoga aficionados.

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Sports Massage has many benefits, enabling the body to cope with sports injury strains:

Encourage recovery and the healing process

Reduce muscle tension

Increase blood flow

Relieve muscle fatigue

Enhance psychological effects

Improve mobility

Sports Massage can enhance the physical and psychological well-being of active people.


Sports Massage is a targeted massage approach.

It focuses on specific areas of the body that are in need of healing and relief depending on your sports activities.

At My Osteo London, our expert practitioners will adapt the pressure to each patient in order to experience the full benefits.

Sports Massage for Sports Injuries My Osteo London
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