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buccal massage

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what is
Buccal massage?

If you're suffering from Jaw Pain, My Osteo Buccal Massage is for you. Our Signature Treatment by Charlotte is focused on the Jaw, Face & Neck combining Osteopathy technics, Lymphatic Drainage and Sculptural Face Lifting with exclusive Intra-Oral massage to relieve all your accumulated tensions in the jaw.

Buccal massage is the dreamy treatment for teeth clenching, grinding, tension headaches & all kind of stressy people. 

Moreover, this treatment helps to relax your jaw and relieve all tensions linked to Orthodontic and Invisalign treatment.


You can't avoid stress, but your jaw can.

Benefits of
buccal massage

Buccal Massage has many benefits:

  • Release jaw tensions

  • Refine face contour (lift face, sculpt cheeks and jaw line)

  • Decrease puffiness

  • Improve face muscles toning

  • Increase cells oxygenation

Moreover, this treatment is painfree and can help you to relax your jaw while reducing the symptoms associated to TMD's 

(Temporomandibular Joint Disorders).

My Osteo Buccal Massage.jpg


You should not have this Buccal Massage treatment if the following applies to you:

  • Botulinum toxin and fillers under 4 weeks of injection

  • Cancer or suspected malignant tumor

  • Severe or contagious skin conditions

  • Pathology of the lymphatic system

  • Oral cavity disease or increased gums' bleeding

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any doubt before booking your appointment.

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