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" Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live. "
Jim Rohn


Director of My Osteo London

French and English speaking practitioner 

Charlotte is a globally published and celebrity endorsed Franco-Belgian Osteopath with over 10+ years of experience guiding patients toward new levels of holistic regeneration, healing, and whole-body wellness.

To date, Charlotte is a fully licensed and bilingual (French/English) Osteopath based on Wimpole Street in London and is best known for her jaw disorders expertise.

Collectively, Charlotte is an Osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic British Council (GOsC), is a member of The Institute of Osteopathy, holds a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy from the CEESO in Paris (grad: 2013) and attained a University Diploma in Emergencies and Sports from the Medical University of Bordeaux. Amid this time, Charlotte also received numerous certifications, as well as discovered her specializing interest in jaw treatments and temporomandibular joint disorders. Measurably, Charlotte now features a 10+ year reputation for unpreceded jaw treatment, making her a leading staple for dental patients undergoing various dental and Invisalign treatments.


Her experience and passion were followed by the creation of her signature My Osteo Buccal Massage fundamentally favored by high-end patients seeking restorative balance within a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

This, in conjunction with her expertise in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal sportive and sedentary-related symptoms, resulted in her being highly sought out by celebrities and professional athletes over the last decade. Thus far, Charlotte’s patient list includes Triathletes, Martial Arts Champions, and Famous Football Players from various teams such as PSG, French National Team, Belgium National Team, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers, and Watford Official.

Concrete Waves

She works confidently with a wide range of osteopathic techniques, including High Velocity Techniques (structural techniques), muscle energy techniques, soft tissue techniques, visceral and fascial techniques, and more specifically, lymphatic drainage.


Today, Charlotte is an acclaimed Osteopath based in Marylebone, London as of 2015, a tenure that began after working in Paris within private practices and as the official Registered Osteopath of big companies like Google, Samsung, and Vinci. 

Passionate about her work, Charlotte is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and is respected for her track record of converting ongoing training into tangible, life-enhancing practices. 


Overall, Charlotte is a vetted professional who innately values health and wellness, is ardent about guiding patients toward advanced levels of restoration within a synergetic atmosphere, and is a firm believer that the most exceptional clinical outcomes are the ones that stem from rendering exceptional, patient-centric service. 

French osteopath London
The Institute of Osteopathy- french osteopath London

professional trainings

Osteopathy in Sports:
  •        Graduated from the Medical University of Bordeaux (France) : Care and treatment in Sports

  •        Graduated from the Kinesio Taping International Association (Paris) : K-Taping

  •        Certified in Posturology (CIES Institute, Paris)

  •        Certified in Cupping (The College of Oriental Therapy, London)

  • ​       Certified in Dry Needling & Medical Acupuncture​

ATM and jaw disorders:
  •       Graduated from ETMA (Belgium) : Review and treatment of the TMJ

  •       Graduated from ITMP centre (Paris) : Treatment of the TMJ

  •       Trained by Alain Piron, Osteopath D.O. on the complexe cranio-hyo-laryngo-mandibulo-lingual

  •       Certified in Physiotherapy Management of Temporomandibular Disorders (ACPTMD London)

Pregnancy and new borns:
  •        Osteopathy in paediatrics and obstetrics, Isabelle Tousch, Osteopath D.O. (Paris)

  •        Care and treatment of the new born in Osteopathy, Miranda Clayton, Osteopath (London)

  •        Osteopathy and pregnancy, Miranda Clayton, Osteopath (London)

lymphatic drainage:
  •        Lymphatic Drainage, Renata França Method (London)

  •        Shaping Massage, Renata França

  •        Miracle Face, Renata França

  •        Sculptural Face Lifting®, Yakov Gershkovich (London)


Please feel free to contact us for any recommendations of other practitioners that might be able to help you.




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