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5 Tips to extend Lymphatic Drainage benefits

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Being a true Wellness Afficionada/o, you've been conquered by our signature treatment Osteo Detox and now you're wondering how you can keep this wonderful feeling for longer...

Well lucky you: here are 5 healthy tips to extend and maximise the benefits of your lymphatic drainage!


Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. This will help circulation and the elimination of toxins.

2- Eat healthy

Have a diversified, seasonal and colorful diet with whole foods.

Avoid processed foods and refined sugars!

Also try to refrain from adding salt to your plate.

A good alternative is to replace salt by spices and aromatic herbs (both good sources of anti-oxidants).

3- Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol promotes dehydration and fluids retention, leading to swelling and puffiness.

(This can explain the puffy face in the morning following a little too much wine... Oops...)

4- Move your body

Stay active during the day and commit to a regular physical activity as muscles' contractions will keep on stimulating the lymph flow.

Even walking does stimulate the lymphatic system! So put on your sneakers and favorite playlist to hit those steps.

5- Legs up against the wall

In the morning or before going to bed, put your legs up against a wall for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, you can practice breathing exercises to promote relaxation and prepare for bedtime, as it will help you fall asleep.

Thanks to gravity this position stimulates the lymphatic system, but it also improves venous return ans decreases varicose veins. 2-1!

Remember : Our Osteo Detox - Lymphatic Drainage treatment is part of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for your well-being, with long term results.

Now you have all the tricks to extend your next Lymphatic Drainage treatment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Take care and see you soon for your Detox,

Charlotte - Registered Osteopath London.

Osteopath Marylebone

Lymphatic drainage London


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