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Tips to prevent heavy legs on a flight

The joys of traveling are finally back, and while preparing your suitcase for a business trip or relaxing holidays, your body starts shouting: "Mayday, mayday, how long are we going to sit for?". And slowly, you remember how heavy your legs could feel after a flight...

Do not worry more, we got you covered!

Here are some easy tips to make you feel good while traveling.

1- Hydration

Stay hydrated on the plane. Refuse the gin and tonic and go for the water. Yes, you can do it!

Also start drinking plenty of water at least 24hours before your flight.

2- walking

Try to walk during your flight. Stand up every hour and move your body.

Another option if you're the kind of person who prefers to be glued to your seat is to alternate tip toes - heels movement on the floor to activate your calves muscles.

This will help to activate blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

3- legs up

After your flight, put your legs up against a wall for a couple of minutes.

It will help to:

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • Reduce the sensation of heaviness in your legs

  • Improve veinous return

  • Decrease varicose veins

  • Relax by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

If you travel first class, you'll be lucky to have enough space to put your legs up during your flight, so enjoy (and send me a picture)!

4- self massage

Self massage is very beneficial and can be done during or after your flight.

3 areas to not forget:

  • Sole of the feet

  • Around your ankles, malleolus - as there are lymph nodes located in this area

  • Calves

As your lymphatic system doesn't have a pump to stimulate the circulation of the lymph, it only works and drains thanks to movement. Self massage will create this movement and help the lymph flow (walking and the little exercises above are another option).

5- compression stockings

If you suffer from bad circulation and your ankles get swollen pretty easily, compression stockings are The Must Have.

It gently squeezes your legs and helps maintain blood flow. This reduces discomfort and heaviness sensations as well as the swelling.

Now you have all the cards in your hands to feel your best arriving at your destination.

So have a safe trip and enjoy your time abroad!

Charlotte - Registered Osteopath London

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